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Donate to Habitat ReStore, help build affordable housing. 

ReStore is a nonprofit thrift store and donation center that exists to help local families build decent, affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio. 

By donating your new and gently used furniture, appliances, home décor, and building materials, you help start a chain reaction of community investment that not only builds homes, but also builds stronger communities.

Donating your items is easy—bring your items to us or let us pick up larger donations for FREE.

Why donate to ReStore?

There are many reasons to donate the items you no longer need to Habitat for Humanity ReStore—and anyone, including individuals, businesses, contractors, and suppliers, can donate. Here are a few ways you can impact your community by donating your goods to ReStore:

It helps the environment.

Every item donated to ReStore equals less useable material thrown in a landfill. That’s a benefit to everyone.

It's good for the community.

Every ReStore purchase helps local families build brighter futures for themselves with Habitat for Humanity.

Every donation is tax-deductible.

While your donation helps provide homes for others, for you it provides a tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.

FREE Pick-Up makes donating simple.

Call and we’ll collect your large donations for FREE. Schedule your donation today by calling (330) 915-5920.

What items can be donated to ReStore?

Here are the items that we can and cannot accept. All items must be in good, resalable condition, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore reserves the right to refuse any item. If you don’t see an item on either list, or have a donation question, please give us a call at (330) 915-5920. Please also know that occasionally ReStore cannot accept certain items due to a large inventory on-hand.


Donate Appliances
Must be less than 10 years old and in perfect working order.

– Cooktops
– Dishwashers
– Microwaves
– Refrigerators
– Stoves and Ovens
– Washers and Dryers


Donate Flooring
Must be at least 100 square feet. Carpet, tile, and vinyl must be unused, undamaged, and free of all adhesives.

– Carpet
– Hardwood
– Laminate
– Tile
– Vinyl 


Donate Hardware
– Drawer Pulls
– Door Knobs (working order with keys)
– Hinges
– Nails and Screws


Donate Landscaping
All powered tools and lawnmowers must be in complete and working condition. 

– Block (palletized for pickup)
– Brick (palletized for pickup)
– Decorative Stone
– Garden Tools
– Lawnmowers


Donate Vehicles
We accept both running and non-running vehicles. A valid title is required.

– Boats
– Cars
– Motorcycles
– Recreation Vehicles
– Trucks
– Etc.

Building Materials

Donate Building Materials
Items must be free of damage.

– Architectural Items
– Drywall (must be at least 4′ x 4′)
– Lumber (at least 4′ long)
– Insulation (unopened packages only)
– Plywood (must be at least 4′ x 4′)
– Shingles (unopened packages only)
– Trim (at least 4′ long)
– Tools (with battery/charger if needed)


Donate Electronics
Must be in perfect working order.

– CD and DVD Players
– Computers
– Stereos
– Speakers
– Televisions (flat panel only)
– Video Games + Systems

Heating + Cooling

Donate Heating and Cooling
Must be less than 10 years old and in perfect working order.

– Air Conditioners
– Fans
– Furnaces
– Hot Water Heaters
– Space Heaters

Lighting + Electrical

Donate Lighting and Electrical
Lighting and electrical items must be free of damage and in good working order.

– Breakers and Panels
– Ceiling Fans
– Chandeliers
– Fixtures
– Lamps
– Lightbulbs

Windows and Doors

Donate Windows and Doors
Must be free of cracks and peeling paint.

– Interior
– Exterior
– Patio (vinyl construction)
– Sliding (vinyl construction)
– Storm Doors (including hardware)

Cabinets + Countertops

Donate Cabinets + Countertops
Must be complete with all doors and drawers attached. Damaged cabinets and countertops cannot be accepted.

– Formica
– Granite
– Quartz
– Solid Surface


Donate Furniture
Must be in resaleable condition and free of damage, stains, pet hair, and odor.

– Bed Frames
– Chairs
– Couches
– Desks (solid wood and one piece only)
– Dressers
– Mattresses
– Box Springs
– Shelving
– Tables

Home Goods

Donate Home Goods
Must be complete and in good working order.

– Art
– Books
– Décor
– Dishes
– Cookware
– Exercise Equipment
– Holiday Items
– Mirrors (must be framed)


Donate Plumbing
Must be usable and free of cracks or leaks.

– Bathtubs (standard size: 30″x 60″)
– Faucets
– Sinks
– Toilets (complete, 1.6 gpf or less)
– Vanities

We cannot accept Hazardous Materials.

We cannot accept antifreeze, engine oil, oil-based paint, solvents, stain, or strippers. To recycle these items, please call:

Stark and Tuscarawas Counties:

Carroll and Harrison Counties:

Jefferson County:

Sorry! We cannot accept the following items.

– Aerosol Spray Cans
– Baby Furniture
– Bifold Doors
– Car Seats
– Corded Blinds
– Clothing

– Curtains
– Damaged Items
– Drapes
– Fluorescent Lighting
– Garage Doors
– Linens

– Metal Desks
– Paint
– Pianos or Organs
– Printers
– Recessed Lighting
– Shoes

– Shower Curtains
– Single Pane Windows
– Strollers
– Track Lighting
– Wall-Mounted Ovens
– Wallpaper

FREE donation pickup. Let’s go.

Making a donation at ReStore couldn’t be simpler. With FREE donation pickup, we can get your item to ReStore and you can get on with your day—and it’s tax deductible, too.

We take your privacy seriously.
We will never share or rent your information to anyone. Ever.

Want to speak to a person?
Speak with our ReStore Donation Coordinator by calling 330-915-5920.

Ready to schedule a pickup?
Fill out the simple form here and we’ll schedule a convenient pickup time.

Here are some questions we get asked a lot.

Are my donations tax-deductible?
All donations to Habitat for Humanity ReStore are tax deductible. We will give you a tax receipt to keep for your records. Please note that, by law, we cannot assign a value to the items that you donate. You will need to consult an appraiser, or visit for more information.
Do you pick up donations?

Yes. However, because Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio and Habitat for Humanity ReStore always attempt to make the best use of our funds and resources, we reserve pick-ups for large donations such as sofas and appliances. If you have questions about scheduling a pickup, please call our donation hotline at (330) 915-5920.

Why won't you take furniture with stains
All items donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore are for resale, so we will not accept items that are stained, torn, or broken – because they have lost their resale value.

We accept cars, too.

Donate your car to Habitat for Humanity ReStore and help build homes with Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio. As with all ReStore merchandise, donated vehicles will be sold at ReStore and the proceeds will help build homes with local families in need of simple, decent places to live.

By donating your vehicle, you can avoid the hassle of trying to sell it yourself, receive a tax-deduction, and support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio.

Even if your vehicle isn’t running, call our donation hotline at 330-915-5920.

Ready to give new life to your old stuff?

Habitat for Humanity ReStore relies on donations from people just like you. If you’re ready to make a difference with your unused and unwanted goods, bring your donation to ReStore in Canton, Ohio, or call our Donation Hotline for FREE pick-up. Every single donation, large or small, helps build homes with local families who need a hand up, not a hand out.


Give your unwanted home goods and building supplies a new life at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Donations are tax deductible and help local families build decent, affordable shelter with Habitat.


Shop for new and gently used furniture, appliances, home décor, and building supplies at Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Canton, Ohio's favorite thrift store. If you miss a day, miss a deal.