Easy DIY Furniture Fixes

by | Dec 6, 2019

Whenever a piece of furniture starts to wobble or is making a creaking sound, your first inclination may be to throw it out and to replace it. However, just because your favorite chair is starting to lose its balance doesn’t mean you need to get rid of it. There are certain issues you can fix yourself instead of calling a repairman or tossing it in the garbage, saving you money and salvaging the furniture that you have come to appreciate in your home. Here are a few easy DIY furniture fixes that you can complete with just a few tools and materials.

Fixing Wobbly Chairs

One of the most common and easiest fixes you can do yourself is a wobbly chair. If your chair starts to wobble, it’s time to DIY it back to health. Broken furniture can result in injuries, especially to your children. In most cases, wobbly furniture is caused by a loose screw in one of the legs. Simply tighten these screws to more firmly fix the legs in place. Or, if the flooring is too slippery, you can add corner braces.

Scratches and Other Surface Damage

Tables, countertops, marble, and hardwood are all susceptible to surface damage like scuff marks and scratches. Luckily, minor damages such as these are easily fixable by refinishing. In fact, you don’t even need the tools and materials that professionals use to do so. For example, wood can be refinished using household products like olive oil and vinegar. If you have marble, you can either use sandpaper or steel wool to buff out minor scratches and marks.

Peeling Paint

This is probably the easiest DIY furniture fix anyone can do. Some types of furniture are covered with a coat of paint. Over time, this paint can start to wear down, especially in harsh weather conditions like rain, heat, or humidity. When a paint job starts to wear down, sections of it may start to peel off. The solution is simple; just add a new layer of paint. You can either re-use the same color or you can take the opportunity to try a different hue. Here’s a tip from the pros, too. Just add an extra layer of paint once the first one dries to make it more durable.

As you can see, not everything requires the help of a professional. Even if you’re not handy around the house, you can sometimes do the job yourself and save money. You might even discover that you like doing DIY furniture projects as a hobby.

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