3 Activities to Do This Winter That Help People in Need

by | Nov 12, 2019

Anytime is a good time to help someone in need. During the winter season, however, people going through hard times often need extra help to put food on the table and keep the heat on. If you have a heart for helping others, winter is a wonderful time to get your family together to help those in need. How can you help where you’re needed most? Take a look below for a few ideas on how to get started.


Winter is the perfect time to declutter your home and go through those old boxes, sort your closet for clothes to donate, and get rid of those items you no longer use, advises Mills Custom Homes. Ask your household members to examine closets and dressers for clothing and footwear they no longer use and donate these items to your local shelter or thrift store. While everyone is cleaning out their closets, spend a few minutes taking inventory of other items you may not use frequently. If you have old, small kitchen appliances, furniture, tools or anything else that may be useful to someone in need, you can donate those items to your local Habitat for Humanity.


The winter season is the perfect time to bring your family together to get in the giving spirit. During the holidays, volunteer organizations need all the help they can get, so extra hands are always welcome. Because many families cannot afford a holiday dinner, food banks and soup kitchens are always accepting volunteers and food donations. Or, if you prefer distributing clothing or household items to families in need, thrift stores and shelters frequently accept volunteers, too. You and your family can also volunteer with an organization that collects cash donations, or you can hand deliver meals to less fortunate families.

Clean Up

You’re no doubt aware of people in your neighborhood, apartment complex or development who cannot physically maintain their property during the winter season. To help them out, Ready to Care advises getting your family together, donning those winter jackets, and shoveling. When your family members work together, you can clear a snowy driveway in no time at all. Or, if you live in an apartment complex, opt for clearing the sidewalks and stairways of snow and ice. If you have elderly neighbors that have difficulty reaching their vehicles on snowy, slippery sidewalks, they’ll surely appreciate your family’s efforts.

Winter is the perfect season to get your family together to enjoy time serving others. With multiple holidays, one right after another, those in need are often strapped for cash and supplies. If your family is fortunate enough to be able to celebrate a beautiful, healthy and happy holiday season, bring a little joy into someone else’s life by volunteering.

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