Home Improvements You Need for Winter

by | Dec 11, 2020

Winter can be a beautiful time of year, but it can also be eventful. From increased heating bills to burst pipes and drafty hallways, owning a home can get a little more complicated around the holidays. Though it may seem expensive to take on a home improvement project, with a few DIYs, you can prepare your home for winter without breaking the bank.

New Curtains

One easy and effective project you can do to prepare for winter is create some new curtains. Curtains can help you control light flow and insulate your windows (which are one of the main ways you lose heat in winter months).

A great trick for making new curtains is taking a flat sheet you no longer need and repurposing it for new use in your house. Whether you’re bored of your current sheets, or thrifted a vintage flat sheet that perfectly matches your décor, new curtains are just a few steps away. Even if you don’t have a lot of sewing experience under your belt, this project is simple and works as a great beginner project and there are even no-sew versions that work great!

Insulated Pipes

Another winter problem is exposed pipes, which can present a huge risk to your home. This problem can be dealt with pretty easily by insulating the pipes in your home. One awesome way to do your part with recycling while protecting your pipes is to use Styrofoam coffee cups as your insulating medium.

Consider doing a service project with your family to pick up litter in a local park, then separate out foam cups and give them a wash. These can be used to insulate your pipes, while also reducing your carbon footprint. If store bought insulation is more your speed, that works too! Just remember your pipes need to be insulated as exposed pipes a huge risk to your home and can create a lot of problems.

Controlling Airflow

Another great way to protect your home for winter is to control airflow throughout your home. Make sure windows and doors are well insulated as your first step. Then, if you find breezes travel throughout your home, a quick project that can help is creating draft stoppers for your doors. These are long and skinny stuffed crafts that can go along the bottoms of doors to close off cracks and stop breezes in their tracks. These are a quick sewing project that can add function and style to your home.

Staying warm this winter has never been more affordable. Try out these tips and tricks to see how much more efficient your home can be through the winter months.

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