How to Repurpose Old Objects to Make a Table

by | Nov 6, 2019

Regardless of the size of your budget, you can derive great enjoyment from DIY projects that are both functional and stylish. From handmade dining room tables to custom nightstands and coffee tables, you can put found objects to work to create beautiful pieces for your space.

Front Door

An old slab door can easily be repurposed into a table. A door with molding can also serve your purpose if you add a piece of glass or plexiglass to create a flat surface. Before you add the glass to the door, try weathering the surface of the wood or staining portions of the molding to give it some age. This will enhance the rustic sensibility of the piece. Be aware that old wood can splinter and may create hazards. Make sure you put protective covers on table corners to prevent any injuries in your home.

Vintage Suitcase

If you have an old hard-sided suitcase, it can easily be made into a table. Affix it to the top of an existing side table or built directly onto a slab of plywood and mounted onto legs. If you have a wooden TV tray, the bottom can serve as a base for your table, but you will need to brace the legs so they no longer fold. Another option is to glue the suitcase to a somewhat smaller piece of plywood. Be sure to allow for the thickness of the plywood when you calculate the height of the legs. You can add leg bases to the plywood and just screw the legs in place, or you can screw the legs to the plywood before you attach the suitcase.

Old Picture Frame

You can turn an old picture frame into a tabletop for your porch or patio. You’ll need a frame that’s fairly deep, and it will have to be backed with a piece of weather-resistant plywood. Fill the frame with ceramic or porcelain tile and fill in the gaps with grout. If you don’t have tiling tools, you can paint the plywood white and fill it with scraps of colored glass. Try to stay with one type of material for an even surface. This frame, once filled and grouted, can be mounted to an old TV tray cross-bracing or used to cover a storage crate.

Repurposing items to make your own furniture at home is a creative way to personalize your space and reduce your household expenses. If you enjoy thrift shopping or hitting yard sales, keep an eye out for items you could use to give your home a DIY touch.

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