Industrial-Inspired DIY Projects For Your Home

by | Jun 23, 2018

Featured Image: ArchiLovers

Industrial-inspired furniture has quickly become one of the home aesthetics people love. It gives the room a mixed sense of an old industry, mixing with a new age. Even a small DIY project like shelves can create this aesthetic. But how can you add that modern industrial touch without breaking the bank?


Shop Locally and Charitably

The Habitat for Humanity organization has a ReStore available in almost every city. Our inventory is comprised of appliances, furniture, home improvement supplies, and décor that have all been donated. Everything that is sold in our stores goes straight back into the organization, to help build more homes with low-income families. Take a look at the inventory of a ReStore near you to see what you can find for your next DIY project.

You should also look around your town for thrift stores and antique shops. A local thrift shop may have a set of metal stools that just need a bit of TLC. An antique shop could have those vintage lights you’ve been wanting to find for your living room. Even a flea market or yard sale could have something of interest.


DIY Ideas

Exposed Brick

Breaking down the walls to expose the brick in your house has become a popular aesthetic in modern homes. Unfortunately, this idea will only work if you live in an older house that actually has brick behind a newer exterior. It’s also important to remember that if you are renting, this is not a good DIY project to undertake without clear permission from the owner.  However, exposing the brick walls of your home is a really great start on an industrial aesthetic. This Wiki-How on exposing your brickwork goes into a little more detail, but it is a relatively easy (although time-consuming) project to do.

Pipe Shelving

There are tons of ideas and designs to build your own pipe shelves. Pinterest boards would be a good place to start for inspiration and tips. Be forewarned though: Pinterest is a rabbit hole of ideas. This blog post from Cherished Bliss has an easy design and tutorial for pipe shelving.

Sliding Barn Doors

If you have an open floor plan and are looking to try and break up space a bit, sliding barn doors may be a good touch. However, it can be a bit more expensive. If you’re on a budget, take your time to shop around or go to a Habitat ReStore. They may have doors that you can repurpose, but it is likely you will have to find the proper hardware for a sliding barn door elsewhere. The hardware for sliding barn doors is easy to install thanks to the fact that the wheels and track are exposed, which is part of its industrial look.

Whether you are looking to add a few industrial touches to your home or you want to do a complete aesthetic overhaul, know that you can do it while on a budget. Do you have any industrial-inspired ideas? What about places to shop for materials while on a budget? Let us know!

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